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NAKREM will no longer be updated. Starting August 5th, 2007, the entries will be removed from this blog. I have exported them for reference on my new blog, CENTAKUME. You can also find these popular entries from the "NAK" network below. Also, starting on August 1st, 2007, the RSS feed will be deleted and subscribers will given the chance to change the feed address to CENTAKUME within 30 days, if they wish to do so.

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The End of NAKREM

This is it. As of June 23, 2007, I will no longer update Nakashima of Remora. This is coming from a World of Warcraft player who is four levels away from being 70. I have lost interest of Final Fantasy XI.

Since I starting playing WoW, I have been posting on my new blog, just for World of Warcraft. Not much on there about my adventures, but it has alot of info I have discovered, playing as a Warlock.

I still look at the FFXI community, though I'm not a part of it anymore. Neat features have been added, plus a new expansion pack is coming soon. You can now trasfer characters to other servers, and you no longer need a world pass to get on a server chosen at random. That was a very good move made by Square-Enix, but it's not enjoyable with the declining player base.

In closing: I wish the very best to new and current FFXI players. I have no plans to delete Nakashima. I may come back if they decide to change a feature that I will find better than WoW. However, in case of a Remora database crash and all players disappear from the world, or S-E decides to delete Naka, here is a little memorial for my favorite Red Mage Mithra...

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Nakashima - RDM/BLM
January 2005 - November 2006

I will miss you.


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